hey guys i just wanted to say that im moving to a new blog because i feel like most of my followers on here are bandom and im really not a bandom blog anymore idk i just felt like making a new blog is really it but im not deleting this one because ive had it for so long i dont think i could

but hey if you want to follow me on my new blog heres the link


do you ever have a friendship crush on someone where you just really wanna be their friend but you’re afraid to talk to them

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is it bad that my life plan is “improvise”

 16 mini pictures + 5 Gifs of Okumura Rin - The Blue Exorcist 

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Team Avatar


dw meme ✽ two quotes - [1/2]

The Twelve Zodiac Gate Keys

if robbers ever broke into my house and searched for money id just laugh and search with them

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